In 1980, while working for the AT&T Bell Labs Quality Assurance Center, I was introduced to the Quality Measurement Plan (QMP). QMP is a Bayesian statistical algorithm that uses six periods of historical data to make a quality assessment. The assessment consists of a current index, process average, and best measure.  The best measure was accompanied by 90% and 98% confidence intervals that created a box and whiskers graphic. In the thirty years since my introduction to this Bayesian algorithm I have not seen another quality assessment statistic that was as effective as QMP.  In the interest of preserving this quality assessment tool I am publishing here, relevant papers on the topic of QMP.  Additional papers on my implementation of this tool at Western Electric and DSC Communications are included under the "My Papers" tab.

Introduction to Quality Trend Charts, WE Co, 1980

Bell System Technical Journal, Feb 1981

Introduction to Quality Trend Charts, Bellcore, 1986

TR-TSY-438 The Quality Measurement Plan (QMP)-1987

Technometrics, 1990

Halliwell 2001 review article

QMP c-code
QMP and Bayesian Statistics
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